Your go-to digital product team.

We invent, build, and manage digital products and businesses empowering entrepreneurs to realise their ideas.

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We scale high-growth start-ups


We've been Stasher's product team helping them raise £850k investment and grow revenue 400% year-on-year
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We convert ideas to apps

Beluga Learning

We designed and built Beluga Learning from scratch helping them raise £500k investment and get featured in the AppStore.
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We create alpha products


We worked with Article's founder to turn his idea into a reality.
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Our process enables you to analyse, design, prototype and validate ideas to move fast and continuously learn.

shapelabs has extensive experience founding and growing digital first companies, creating countless digital products, studying so-called unicorns, and we've learnt the playbook to creating successful products.

Great digital products (or unicorns!) are not created in a day, it takes continuous learning and iteration.

Discovery-driven products is our systematic approach to ensure you create products that are:


can we build it?


can it make money?


do people want it?

If you have an idea we help you:

  • identify who your customers are
  • understand what your market and customers value
  • define what your MVP should test and why
  • create and execute a roadmap to learn fast

If you have an existing product we help you:

  • gain clarity on what is important to users and why
  • measure and analyse key performance indicators
  • define hypothesis to test, design and build to test
  • create and execute a roadmap to learn fast

Why Shape?

We work and think like a startup.

We have been in your shoes as founders and product managers so we understand the journey you are on and what you are looking for in a partner.

We are more than just digital product experts.

With backgrounds in management consulting and founding angel and venture backed businesses we never forget the bigger picture of ensuring everything we do is focused on meeting your wider business objectives.

We’re your product co-founder.

We are very hands on and like to think of ourselves as your product co-founder. We work with a very small number of clients so we can be focused on thinking deeply about your project as if it was our own.

We are all about helping you learn.

Everything we do is about learning and is documented for you so learnings aren’t lost and can be used in the future to make better decisions.


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